"The ash is for wastin' "

cartes de tendresse


This August 23rd, HipHopForChange will be hosting a festival: Independent Hip Hop Day: All Elements, All Ages at Oakland Terminal. This event is being created with the intention of uniting the voices and perspectives of our community in an inclusive all-day FREE event for people of all ages.

Performers can sign up for contests in each of the 4 core elemental areas of Hip Hop art; conscious freestyle battle, DJ battle, graffiti wall battle, and breaking battle. There are NO ENTRY FEES. First prize for each category will be $250! Sign up today to get more details and be a part of this celebration.

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know. This is a free event, so any help is tremendously appreciated!

Sign up here. . 

Hip Hop For Change is a  grassroots organization building relationships with the Bay Area community to support its local artists and challenge the co-opted, mainstream narrative of hip hop. The program seeks to engage people with the broader national context of socio-economic injustices and to raise funding for local solutions. Learn more about HH4C here.

Can’t decide what whether to play southern rap or future trap for tomorrow’s mix. On another note, there’s a lot of porn on my dash today